The Brew watch collection is designed to celebrate and capture our enjoyable coffee experiences.  I've drawn inspiration from industrial espresso machines, which feature a special blend of warm contrasting colors and a variety of brushing effects.  This combination of colors and textures help to emphasize every component that is used to create this beautiful timepiece.  Similar to an espresso machine, they express their own industrial nature with unique vented aesthetics seen on the sides, caseback, and crown.


Three Watch Spread 001.jpg

More than just a watch.


Working with the very best watch manufacturers from around the world to create a high quality and personal timepiece.  With extensive hands-on manufacturing and assembling - each timepiece is a beautiful work of art.




technical Construction drawings

Translating the Brew concept into a finalized technical drawing.  At this stage, the watch is drawn to precise dimensions.  This ensures that the watch will be ready for production. 


Case construction

The watch case is sent through stages of stamping and then passes through a CNC process which mills the rough case form to a final smooth finish.


Swiss Movement Assembly

inner Mechanics

Each movement inside Brew watches is hand assembled one by one with meticulous attention to detail.  At Ronda's facility in Switzerland, the movement is assembled, tested for quality, and then finally accepted to be placed inside the Brew watch case.   

Final Watch Assembly

Casing up

Placing the complete dial inside the case and then sealing the watch closed.  The watch is then water tested and goes through numerous accuracy tests to make sure that the time is kept with precise accuracy.  

Watch Maintain 001.jpg