On the other side of the lens

Jersey City, NJ

At Brew Watch Co. we get to work with some seriously creative, inspiring people.  Meet Paulo Salud, a professional photographer from Jersey City, NJ.  He specializes in capturing life's most pivotal moments.  Capturing "photos that speak to you."  That is of course, when he's not creating them himself.  A jack of many trades within the creative film and photography industry.  He frequently finds himself traveling most of the time bringing to life the most compelling stories that individuals are passionate about.

When I speak with Paulo, he is great at giving me the inside details on some of the latest and greatest gear.  "This lens will give you that sharp focus with a soft bokeh effect.. Here try it out!"  Or he'll simply roll out a pack of memory cards and battery packs before he launches another shoot.  Someone who is well prepared and ready to capture these exciting moments and won't risk losing a shot due to lack of gear or the quality in his pack.  

Since Paulo is constantly moving around from shoots to meetings with clients, he always makes sure he is not only well equipped, but on time!  Without question, his choice of Brew watch is the rose gold model.  He made sure that he acquired the original rose gold chronograph when it was available and has now added to the family the new HP-1 automatic. 

Shooting is his passion and it shows through his remarkable work.  Another substantial part of the work he does are unique projector fashion shoots.  He is also at the forefront of this fast paced fashion industry, moving in a unique path and making his bold mark.  His Brew watch is a bold element that accompanies him in this environment.  Minimal and precise to pair with his select attire and you probably won't catch him without it.  

He has a strong belief that collaborating with other exceptional creatives is a great way to keep the authenticity and push forth amazing work.  A genuine way of standing out in such a vast industry.  There's no sign of him slowing down as he continues to push forward with great strides - sharing his brilliant and meaningful stories through his unique, recognizable work.  

MODEL: PAULO SALUD | @paulosalud

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