Collection: Design

Each individual component has been designed, engineered and tested thoroughly in order to produce a truly unique timepiece that is far from ordinary. Brew watches are for people that are searching for a well designed product with a creative process that brings it all to life. From the precise dimensions that make it comfortable for everyday wear. Down to the supple Italian leather chosen to make the straps that are put onto each watch. Every detail is carefully considered and designed to be the very best end product the wearer can enjoy and appreciate. Ferrer states, "You're never complete - you're always trying to chisel away the idea, make it smarter."

Jonathan Ferrer is the designer and founder of Brew Watch Co. He studied industrial design at New Jersey Institute of Technology where he is currently an adjunct professor and teaches students design and manufacturing. He has been working professionally within the watch industry for 10 years. Coming from a lineage of jewelry designers, he set off across the globe working with some of the world's finest manufacturers, suppliers, and craftsman in order to learn the trade himself and further his education within the industry. Working on his passion project, Brew. He began designing watches in the cafe. It was in that place that he designed and brought to life Brew watches.

We only use the best materials in our watches with a high level of precision and detail. Each Brew case is CNC machined out of a solid billet of 316L stainless steel. Then individually hand polished and brushed on each case profile. Finally, each watch goes through extensive testing and quality control. Ensuring the longevity of the timepiece as well as providing an accurate and reliable tool that can be worn and trusted. We're proud to say that each watch is ready for all adventures of life and that you can be sure that it will last the test of time.

Instilling a certain experience within the watches has been something Jonathan continues to do in a clever, yet subtle manner. For example, the Metric watch has markers that specially highlight the optimal time for an espresso shot. At a quick glance, the ordinary person wouldn't realize it. However, for the wearer, he found that is truly important to include these details so that they can appreciate throughout the many years of wearing the watch.

We pride ourselves on taking extra measures in order to test our watches to their optimal potential. This means testing each individual component rigorously. After final hand assembly, the watches are then tested further with water pressure and impact resistant tests to ensure that the assembly is completed successfully and that the watch is keeping time accurately and efficiently.