Collection: Retromatic Summer Look Book

Morning Espresso with Brew Designer & Founder, Jonathan Ferrer

Each morning deserves its own freshly made shot of espresso. Without this main source of fuel - something would feel as though it was missing. Similar to leaving home without your watch. On this morning, I grind up fresh beans that were roasted locally in Brooklyn, NY from Gillies coffee company. Grinding 16 grams for this dose - it makes for the perfect amount needed to extract this espresso.

Next, I lock in the portafilter. We are now ready to extract this shot for 25 seconds using the Gaggia Classic Pro espresso machine. Yes, finally the jolt of energy we need to start the day! On a typical weekend, I enjoy going through my routine at a slower pace. Collect my thoughts and recharge for the next upcoming week. However, I still make sure to get out and beat the New York traffic that builds up quite fast.

Today, I’m wearing the Green Retromatic Brew Watch. Since the watch uses the NH35A Seiko automatic movement - I ensure that the time and date are correctly set. The power reserve on this specific model is about 40 hours. That’s the beauty of this automatic movement. As you wear it - it will continue to run forever without any additional needed sources of energy.

What I enjoy in particular about the Retromatic watch are the overall dimensions. Typically square watches will wear larger than your ordinary round watches. However, I scaled down this design to 36mm x 39.5mm. Which is, in my opinion, the perfect compact size for everyday life.

My weekend car is a 911 - 996 Porsche Carrera. With a manual 6-speed transmission and 320 horsepower - this is a car yearning for winding turns and open road. But in our case - we’ll take a nice cruise to the Hudson River overlooking the George Washington bridge and Manhattan, NY.

Summer in New York certainly heats up and I do my best to dress light if I can. Today, I’m wearing a blue Tommy Hilfiger polo shirt and Uniqlo khaki pants. Quite often I’ll ask others if they match their outfits to their watches and you’d be surprised by how often people actually do this. I personally enjoy matching my outfits with my watches and typically enjoy wearing my watches on metal bracelets since it gives a more dressy appearance.

Taking a closer look at the Green Retromatic watch - you’ll notice the subtle perforated details on the dial. These perforations were inspired by the drain grates of industrial espresso machines. A nod to the heritage and inspiration for Brew watches.

It is important to take a step back from the consistent rush of everyday life and enjoy time for yourself or with close friends. That is what Brew is about! Whether it is over coffee or a simple cruise to the Hudson River overlooking Manhattan. Brew watches serve as a subtle reminder of that importance.