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How to operate your chronograph watch

Firstly, it is important to know what is a chronograph watch and what are they used for.  The name literally translates from Greek origin which means “time writer”, the practice of tracking time elapsed over a period of time.  Chronograph watches are highly desired and sought after because of their ability to be used as a stopwatch tool to track any elapsed time and becomes more practical and useful than simply telling the time on a three-hand watch.  There are many different types of chronograph watches, so it’s important to understand what chronograph watch you have and how to operate and read the subdial registers.

Step 1:  Figure out what parts of your watch are used for the chronograph function.
The Brew Retrograph watch is equipped with two subdial registers located at the 9:00 and 3:00 position.  Again, depending on the watch you have - the subdial registers and ways you read the time may be different.  The subdial located at 9:00 displays a 60-minute elapsed time counter which starts the moment the chronograph is engaged.  The subdial located at 3:00 displays a 24 hour time and is not controlled directly by the chronograph buttons. Instead the 24 hour timer subdial correlates to the main time.  For example, if the time is 8:00PM, then the 24 hour subdial will display 20 which essentially is 20:00 with 24 hour time. It’s helpful at allowing the user to quickly read AM/PM at a glance.

The 9:00 subdial and the second hand are controlled by the pushers on the right side of the Retrograph watch case.  The top pusher, located at the 2:00 position, starts and stops the chronograph. The bottom pusher, which is located at the 4:00 position, resets the chronograph.  

Step 3:  Measure time elapsed
To start your chronograph, simply press the top pusher located at 2:00.  The chronograph hand will measure the seconds. The Retrograph second hand moves at a rate of 5 beats per second, which creates a smooth sweeping action.  Once a minute has elapsed, the subdial at 9:00 will move forward displaying one minute. The chronograph hands will continue to move until you press the top pusher again to stop the chronograph.  Once you have completed tracking an elapsed time, you can then reset your watch back by clicking the reset button located at 4:00.

Chronograph watches can be very useful and exciting to engage with - while also allowing the user to tell the time at a glance.  They also add a more distinctive design that is quite attractive and unique. To learn more about the details, click through to our selection of different Retrograph models.

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