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When Creatives Collide

La Colombe, NYC

Off the hustling and bustling streets of NoHo, NYC.  Mr. Gumbatron and I meet for what we both imagined would be a single coffee, instead turned into several quite quickly.  As with all great company, time seems to fly by!  Mr. Gumbatron aka Lex, is both a talented architect and fashion expert.  Originally from Australia/Hong Kong, this was Mr. Gumbatron's first visit to New York and I had the great opportunity to sit down with him for some insightful conversation. Well known for having a keen sense of style when it comes to men's fashion, this was undoubtably proven when he arrived dressed uncomfortably sharp for a hot 95°F summer's day. Dedication to keeping himself dressed well at all times was obvious. 

Lex lives by a personal motto which is, "Dress well. Drink well. Live well." It's a motto that I also believe in very much.  It's led to his positive pursuit in life and he enjoys sharing it with his audience through his photography and story telling via social media.  His presence expresses nothing less than an incredibly positive and enthusiastic attitude about life and the people around him.  

Pictured above:  Mr. Gumbatron has a first look and feel with the new HP-1 Brew Automatic watch.  

Lex has a superior fashion aesthetic that he's able to express within coffee shops. With years of experience as a cocktail mixologist and barista, he is no stranger to this warm and welcoming environment in which he shoots a great number of his photographs in.  

Meeting like-minded and creative individuals such as Mr. Gumbatron in these charming cafes is quite a treat.  Being in an environment in which we can free ourselves from the rush of everyday life and share time with those that matter most.  These are the simple things we can look forward to.






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